About Airedale Terrier:


Airedale terrier also known as Bingley and waterside terrier, is a medium-sized dog. They have a straighter front. It should come up as from the front up underneath their chin, it kind of goes in a, like a cane style. Their head is long, narrow. The forehead and the fore face should be even in length. There should be no obvious stop. The muzzle should be well-formed and not snipey.

As far as the terrier, the dogs in the terrier group, the Airedale is one of the few dogs in the group that gets attached to their owners. A lot of the terriers, the smaller terriers, would instead more run in a pack and be closer to each other than their humans, and they kind of tune the human out a little bit. The Airedale is pretty responsive to their people, which, in my opinion, makes them a little easier to train.

The Airedale terrier makes a great pet, because they are intelligent, can be easy to train with consistent positive training methods, and enjoy being with their people, including children. Of course, you have to train them both on how to interact with people and be supervised. But the Airedale wants to be with their people, and I think that’s one of the endearing qualities of an Airedale, is that they want to be with you, and interact with you and stuff. They’re not a dog to be left out in the backyard alone; they’ll just become easily bored and destructive.

Another thing with an Airedale terrier dog is that lovely beard. When they go and drink some water, then they drip water all over, and they typically have to drink water and come over to you and drip all over your clothes, and it’s just one of those endearing things that you get used to.




Life expectancy:

The life expectancy of an Airedale is between 10 and 13 years.


Airedale Terrier Temperament:

The healthy Airedale should be outgoing, have a very even temperament, and not be overly aggressive. They are protective when needed.


Airedale Terrier History:

The Airedale dog breed originated in the Aire Valley of Yorkshire in the mid 19th century, to catch otters, rats, and other small vermin. Located between the Aire and the Wharfe Rivers. So the dog can swim well in the water. Their feet are somewhat webbed. And they’re a sporting dog as well as a perfect working dog. They proved their worth in World War II as a sentry, a messenger dog, a Red Cross dog, and a guard dog.


Airedale Terrier Size:

In terms of size, they’re the largest of the terriers. Standard is 23 inches at the height of the withers. The bitches are slightly smaller. That’s not what you see in the ring, but that’s what the standard is. The males usually weigh somewhere between 55 to 70 pounds and the females between 45 and 55 pounds.


Airedale Terrier Grooming:

The Airedale terrier should be brushed thoroughly two to three times a week. Professional grooming is probably the most common way to keep the coat in shape. So if you take your dog to a good groomer every three or four months, you should be okay.



They are a double-coated breed. They have a soft undercoat which helps repel water, and then the harsh top coat helps protect the dog’s skin from being scratched by thorns and stuff as they’re hunting for vermin and things.



The colors of airedale terrier according to breed standards are a Black saddle, with a tan head, ears, and legs; or a dark grizzle saddle (black mixed with gray and white).


Exercise needs and Activities:

They’re playful, and they’re comical. They are also a handful, and they keep you on your toes. The Airedale is a very versatile breed. They excel at hunting. They’re qualified to hunt in the field spaniel hunt test, which is flushing birds. They do well with training, obedience, rally, field tracking, work horsing, anything that makes their mind work and has a purpose to it, I think the dogs do well. Barn hunt is an excellent activity for Airedales, more of an instinct with them, because they don’t get actually to attack the rat, but they get to scent out the rat that’s hidden in the hay bales and stuff. And the dogs seem to love it. The Airedale is typically a pretty high-energy dog, a high to the moderate-energy dog. They need to be exercised a minimum of an hour daily.



From puppyhood on to adult, you want to feed them a high-quality food. We feed a raw diet, consisting of meat, bone, and organs, and our adults get fed 3/4 to a pound of food twice daily. And it depends on their activity level and their age. As they get older and they’re not as active, the food level drops. For a puppy, you need to feed them a very good quality dog food, be it a commercial dog food or raw, and you feed several meals per day as a puppy, and then that backs off. I prefer to feed twice a day. Some people feed once a day, but my preference is twice a day.


Ideal Owners And Home:

Active families, having a house preferably with a yard.

An Airedale doesn’t start a fight but can very well end a fight. They’re usually outstanding and very comfortable around children. That is to say that children and the dog should be supervised to make sure that, especially small children and puppies, that they know their boundaries and how to get along. But the Airedale is very family-oriented, very people-oriented, and they want to be with you and enjoy your company.


Airedale Terrier Training:

They are a hunting breed, and they do think independently. So you have to consistently train the dog with a positive training method, and give them different varied activities so that they don’t become bored and destructive. Socialization is very important for all breeds, but especially an Airedale, I believe. Take the dogs to socialization puppy classes, obedience classes, take them to busy parks, supermarkets. We take our dogs to Home Depot, and we go through there, to give them a variety of experiences.


Health problems:

The Airedale terrier breed is very healthy overall. A good reputable breeder will do some health testing. Hip dysplasia and allergies are probably the most common abnormalities that occur in the breed. Other than that, the breed is pretty healthy overall.


Frequent Asked Questions:


Are Airedale terriers good family pets?

Yes, with proper training and socialization.

Is Airedale terrier hypoallergenic?

Yes, the Airedale terrier is hypoallergenic.

What are Airedales bred for?

They were originally bred to catch otters and rats, small vermin.

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