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Beauceron Dog Breed is very intimidating looking. They’re very fierce. And although they are very lovable sweet goofballs when they’re in your home, and you know them personally, they do have a very frank, unwavering expression. They’re not aloof with strangers, and so you will feel a lot more comfortable moving about the world, hiking, and doing all the things that you enjoy doing with a dog like this by your side.

I think that the herding instinct plays a bit of a good deal in their expression and the way they carry themselves because their main purpose was to be bred to drive and maintain sheep, also to guard the property and to guard the family if needed. So they needed to be out in a field, staring and watching and having their eyes on everything, and thinking and making sure, you know, is that a threat over there? They are very discerning, and they think about things, and they can assess situations.

You will love that Beauceron will follow you everywhere, which is a breed trait. They’re supposed to be very much by your side. They make you laugh, they might do what they can to please you. And if you can’t figure it out, they’re going to get it done one way or another. surely you will like that about them, I love their problem-solving, like their intelligence. The breed always presents me with a new challenge. They’re very challenging dogs.

More about Breed:

They’re like little puzzles that you always get to find something new about as you go because they’re a very slow-maturing breed, which I also actually instead enjoy. They stay puppies for a long time. So if you like really big puppies, this is the breed for you. Beauceron takes me to places that I can’t even imagine. It has opened up my independence. She needs a lot of stimulation and exercise, so she enables me and kind of help force me to go out into the world and do things with her.

In today’s day and age, the Beauceron can excel in many different areas. They are a very versatile working dog. There are many Beauceron’s out there doing dock diving, herding, trick training, rally, obedience, weight pull, Cana cross, anything that a dog could do, a Beauceron could do it.

In terms of excelling at any sports, they truly excel in herding, lure coursing, and obedience work.

Beauceron Temperament:

The temperament of the Beauceron, according to the standard, is that they should be aloof and very confident. They should never back down from a threat. And their appearance should be frank and alert.

Beauceron History:

The history of the Beauceron, the very first mentioning of a Beauceron type description, was back in 1578. There are no known crosses like we can’t say such-and-such was crossed with such-and-such to make the Beauceron.  And then fast-forwarding in time, in 1893 was the first time the Livres Origines Francais, of the French origin book, recognized the first Beauceron was in 1893.

The original purpose, they were bred for many, many years to be a driving and herding dog for cattle or sheep, outside of the Paris region, in the region of La Bouche, which is why they were called Berger de Beauce, shepherd of the Bouche region. They were meant mainly to herd sheep and cattle, and to also protect the homestead and guard the family. In later years they were used in both wars overseas in Europe, sending messages to the front lines due to their unwavering ability to not hesitate on command from their handler. As far as the clubs are aware of the Beauceron, there are no known mixes that went into making the Beauceron.

Ancient Breed:

We are not entirely sure of its origins. It’s just one of those ancient breeds. In today’s day and age, the main breeds that we know of that the Beauceron has gone into creating would be: the Catahoula Leopard Dog, and also the widely known Doberman Pinscher as well. That is why when you meet a black and tan Beauceron, you might think that’s a Doberman mixed with a German shepherd, a long-haired Doberman. No, they made the Doberman pinscher. They were one of the foundation breeds for that. They were also the foundation breed for the Catahoula because the Beauceron can also come in a harlequin color, and that helped make the Catahoula breed as well. There are some mentionings that possibly the Beauceron helped make the rottweiler as well.

Size & Weight standard for Beauceron:

Their weight should be proportionate to their body. They are a medium dog in all aspects. For height, the females in the Beauceron breed are 24 inches to 26 and a half inches. And the males are 25 and a half inches to 27 and a half inches. They should be an overall balanced dog.

Beauceron Colors & Appearance:

They can come in the black and tan known as the noir et faux, or they can be in the harlequin color. Which is a gray mixed into the pattern of the black and red of the normal Beauceron. The most specific thing about the Beauceron breed standard that will identify a Beauceron is their Bas Rouge, which is the red stockings that they trademark have on their legs but also, their double dewclaws which should be fully formed and firmly attached to their back rear feet.

The Beauceron has double dewclaws on the rear dews, and the dewclaws are genetic. They’ve been there as far back as our breed history can tell. Other breeds that would have this would be the Great Pyrenees is another one. They’re a livestock guardian breed that has them. Some Beaucerons actually, they are attached to their bone. Some Beaucerons can flex and move them, and they have full usage of their double dews. People, a lot of the French, the French club, and a lot of old-time French breeders and shepherds assume that the double dews were bred there to help them climb onto the backs of sheep and to help maneuver the rocky terrain in France.


The cleaning and grooming requirements for a Beauceron are almost non-existent. They are a wash and wear breed. You could very easily bath this dog and not need to bath it again for another month, month and a half. Unless you encounter a skunk or get incredibly dirty. They, their coat, takes care of itself.

The Beauceron does shed extensively. So at least twice a year, I would do a blowout on the coat and do a proper brushing. But outside of that, there’s not very much maintenance needed for the coat.

Food & Exercise:

To keep my Beauceron’s healthy and happy, I make sure to feed them a quality diet, and we get out, and we exercise. But mainly taking my dogs out to herding. And, you know, using their instinct that they have. A healthy Beauceron should get anywhere between two to four hours of exercise as an adult. As a young puppy, I would break that up into 30-minute increments throughout the day, but nothing too strenuous.

The food that I feed my Beauceron and the amount that I would feed a Beauceron would vary depending on the type of dog I had before me, and how much exercise I’ve been giving that dog. But generally anywhere between three and a half to five and a half cups of food. Depending on what quality and kind of food you’re feeding would be about, you would be giving a Beauceron who’s relatively mentally stimulated and physically throughout the week. For a Beauceron that is physically fit in my ideal opinion, I would like to see the last rib be visible on their dog. A lot of coverage on their hips. And I’d also like to see a lot of nice muscling around the chest.

Training & Socialization:

Training and working keep them not just physically in shape, but also mentally healthy.

The socialization of a Beauceron and its training is incredibly important. At a young age, you should socialize your Beauceron with as many situations as possible. Including in the day time and at night. It is essential to make sure that your Beauceron sees as much of the world as possible before they go through fear periods and before they reach adolescents. In terms of training, your Beauceron should receive lifelong training. It should be leash trained and obedience training. And should be able to accept a stranger that you ask it to accept. They should not have to be incredibly friendly or lab-like, but it should be able to accept a stranger.

The breed is rather difficult to train because they are incredibly intelligent. They will attempt to be one step ahead of you in all of your training. They don’t enjoy repetition, so you have to keep it fresh for a Beauceron and have to keep it interesting.

Health Problems:

The main health issues facing the Beauceron is DCM. It’s a Dilated Cardiomyopathy. It also affects Doberman Pinschers. It’s a disease of the heart. There’s also hip dysplasia and osteochondritis. So it’s just mainly the DCM, the hip dysplasia, and the OCD that we mainly see in the breed in terms of health concerns.

In the Beauceron breed, we have had a couple of cases of Pano in puppies where they grow too fast, a little too quickly. So I would make sure that you’re not overfeeding your Beauceron puppy and that you’re not giving it a lot of extra stimulants to make it grow very fast. I would keep Beauceron puppy at a nice trim weight. Without it being too heavy nor too thin.

Ideal Owners:

The perfect owner for a Beauceron would be dedicated, engaged, and active. They’re a very slow maturing breed. So it has to be a very dedicated person who’s willing to wait for them through their maturity. Which can take three to four years. A person who has a Golden Retriever will have a more mature dog than somebody who would own a Beauceron. And they would need to be dedicated to making sure that they go at their dog’s pace and not push their Beauceron too far or too fast. Because they are so slow in maturing, while still being many dogs for many people. The Beauceron can be either be inside or outside someones home. But primarily, they would like to be so much with their family; they’re not the type of dog that you should have as a solely outside dog.

The Beauceron can be a perfect pet for an active person who wants to be very involved with their dog, who will stimulate their dog not just physically but also mentally. In terms of that, I believe a Beauceron can be an amazing pet for a very dedicated owner.

Ideal Home:

The Beauceron breed is best suited to live with somebody in their home with a larger yard. Or someone who has access to much space and can get their Beauceron out to stretch their legs. Apartments not out of the question for a Beauceron. As long as the owner is very dedicated to making sure that the dog gets out and gets exercise. The Beauceron can be very good for a multidog home. They generally are very tolerant and playful with other dogs. But there have been known same-sex aggression cases. So it depends on the individual Beauceron and perhaps the lines they have come from or the history that specific dog has. So it would help if you always were very careful when introducing your Beauceron to your household.


If you want to own a Beauceron, You don’t have to have a large home, but you should have a larger yard. This is not an apartment dog. You should not own a Beauceron in an apartment just because of how large they are, how much exercise they need. They need some space. If you did want to own this dog in an apartment, you would need to be a very active owner, taking them out to a lot of different places and making sure that you fulfill that need, or you’re going to have a destructive Beauceron on your hands. Your dog knowledge should be moderate to high to own a Beauceron. These are not for the novice dog owner.

They can present many challenges. And unfortunately, if you don’t know how to handle those challenges appropriately. You could end up with a dog that could potentially be dangerous. If you’re not knowledgeable, it will benefit you to seek out somebody who is incredibly knowledgeable. You will want to own a Beauceron if you are into sports, dog sportsAKC sports if you herd if you are a dog trainer, and you’re knowledgeable about dogs. Or if you’re a pet owner who is going out there, and you’re running 5Ks or you’re hiking and you’re going to the beach all the time, and you want a partner who’s just going to be willing to do whatever you wanna do when you wanna do it, that’s the type of person who should be owning a Beauceron.

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