This breed of the dog is American, which is named after a dog called the Catahoula parish. It is recognized under the name of a dog called Catahoula leopard dog. These dogs have been used in herding groups for their protection.


The lineage of the Catahoula dog is still not known. One of the theories suggests that this breed of dog emerged when the French people migrated. Those immigrants crossbreed these dogs with the wolf dogs in a try to make them better working dogs.

Working of the Catahoula: The Catahoula dogs were at the beginning used for the purpose of hunting. These were also used for hunting games. After some time, they started to use them not only for hunting but also for the herding of livestock.

The appearance of the dog: As these dogs were used as working dogs, the Catahoula’s were bred for their ability and temperament rather than the fact that how they look. For this specific reason, the Catahoula somehow varies from one another.

Size Of The Dog:

The Catahoula’s vary so much in their sizes, and males are commonly larger as compared to the females. The height of these dogs ranges from about 20 to 26 inches and their weight ranges from 40 to 100 pounds.

Physical Appearance:

As we have mentioned above, the Catahoula dogs vary in their appearances. These are usually muscular and have a body that is rectangular shaped. These dogs have a large head, strong muscles, and dropped ears. These dogs have a long, curved tail and thick muscular neck. These dogs come in various colors and are short or medium-haired.


Catahoula dogs come in different colors. They come in solid as well as light colors. The dogs which have solid colored skin have light patches on their bodies, mostly on their legs, chest, and face. The Catahoula dogs also come with a leopard-like skin which is because of a gene called merle gene. The merle gene does not have any effects on the skin, but it changes the color of the area where it is present. In the Catahoula dogs’ solid colors are preferred, but white color is not appreciated. As we know, Catahoula dogs are the working dogs the color is never a priority or a primary consideration.


The Catahoula dogs have a smooth, single color coat on them. The coat is both medium and short. The short one looks painted, whereas the medium one has hind legs, extended feathers, tail, and chest.

Eyes Of The Catahoula:

This breed has different eye colors and has a combination of different colors like brown, black, or amber. These dogs have heterochromia, and they are known for it. The different colors of eyes are:

Glass Eyes:

These are very light in color that they almost look white.

Spots: These kinds of eyes have different colored spots in their eyes. These spots occur in the brown-eyed dogs who have glass spots, and those with blue eyes have brown spots in them.

Gray Eyes:

These dogs have cracked glass eyes, which are made of green and blue, which gives their eyes a grayish appearance.

Tail: The tails of the Catahoula dogs are whip-like and long that reaches the back of the legs. Some of them have bobtails which range from their one vertebra to the other vertebrae. This type of tail is not common, but it is natural in the Catahoula dogs.


The Catahoula dogs are very energetic and are highly intelligent. These dogs are very confident and have anger problems, and they do not have a tolerance to strangers. Their actual purpose of controlling cattle and hunting dogs etc. has been taught to them in a very strong way; they can literally injure the small animals like cats, and chickens, etc. even if they are raised together. This breed of dogs does not prove to be a good family dog because of their temper, so they are just suitable for hunting and herding purposes. The Catahoula’s are known to be very kind to the children and protect them from getting in any danger.

Health Problems:

Catahoula dogs also have some common health problems that we will discuss below. To be sure that your dog does not have any health problems, you should always buy them from verified companies like p4pets etc.


Deafness is known to be one of the major health problems in Catahoula dogs. This health issue is associated with white color. The white color shows that they have less melanocytes due to which they are deaf. The hearing problem in one air is known as the directional deafness. The Catahoula with white color has more chances of bilateral deafness or unilateral hearing.

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