How To Stop A Dog From Digging

Digging holes is an instinct for dogs, a behavior that dates back to the days when dogs hunted their food and buried the leftovers in cool places to keep them from spoiling. Dogs have a great sense of smell and hearing way more than humans; this includes bugs and creatures that live underground. They are likely to dig holes when they heard or smelt something excavating under the soil.

  • In summer when dogs feel hot, they could attempt to dig a hole to rest in and escape the heat. Make sure your dog has access to the shaded or covered areas.
  • Maybe your dog is trying to create a shelter.
  • For bored or depressed dogs, digging could be entertainment. You can help your dog succeed in dealing with separation anxiety to stop its digging.

How to stop a dog from digging?

When dogs dig holes, it can be annoying and even destructive. With the right combination of preventative measures and conditioning, you will be able to help your puppy/dog control its digging nature. here we came up with 6 tips To Help Train Your Dog Not To Dig!

Give Your Dog Exercise

Give your dog more exercise. The more active your dog is the less likely that he will muster up his energy or the need/desire to spend hours digging in your yard. And take a look to choose the physical activities that your dog likes.

Less Scolding

Be less scolding and a lot of understanding with your dog’s digging habits during the months of winter. During the wintertime, you’ll notice that your Dog will do more digging than the rest of the year. This is due to dogs seem to have an instinct for earth warmer places and during the wintertime, the dog can sense that by digging he will get to a warmer area, and he is right. So the next time you notice that the digging is increasing more when it is cold outside then it would be wise to understand why your dog is doing what he is doing and not to scold him so much.

Refrain From Gardening When Dog Is Around

Refrain from doing any type of gardening work when your dog is around. When the dog sees you digging and playing in the yard then he also thinks that it is ok and will continue to dig those unwanted holes.

Neuter Your Dog

If you do not mind having your dog neutered or spayed then you may want to consider having the procedure done because it will reduce their drive to mate. And without the drive to mate, you will have far fewer holes in your yard (personal experience).

Replace The Activity

When you scold your dog because of catching him digging in the yard then immediately replace the activity with another. The activity could be something as simple as playing fetch or chewing on his favorite toy.

Provide Your Dog Specific Area

Create a hole for the dog to call his own. Dog experts all agree that some dogs love digging so much that they will never quit. For those situations, it would be advisable to give the dog his area to dig. The area does not have to be big, around 3-4 feet by 6 feet should do the trick.

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