In this article, I’m going to give you some specific examples of how to care for your senior dogs.


Having Trouble Getting Up?

One of the things that you have to make sure that look at her toenails a lot and make sure that the toenails aren’t too long. One thing that you need to know about toenails, for any dog, any age, but especially older dogs, is their toenails tend to grow a little bit faster. And if you don’t stay on top of them enough, they actually can change the way that your dog stands or walks. If you hear the click, click on the floor, if the toenails are too long. What happens is the foot starts to go off, rather than using their pads, the nails push their foot up. So they walk a lot on the bottom part of their foot. And that can be painful, especially if your older dog has any arthritis or anything like that. So, try to cut her nails regularly.

If they are still having trouble standing up on slippery floors, you can use carpet runners, yoga mats, and non-slippery boots to give more traction.


Is Your Dog Losing Eyesight?

Another problem that senior dogs face is loss of eyesight, and you can have a unique scented device or lavender in rooms where your dog has access. So that when they lose sight, they can smell and easily understand where thy are.


Is Your Dog Getting Cold?

Muscle loss, decreased circulation, and in some cases, arthritis can make your dog even more uncomfortable in the colder weather. So you may require an extra layer of insulation during those colder months. You may want to consider a coat and boots for your dog. But on some of those bitterly cold days, indoor activities are an excellent option for an older dog. It’s a great way to burn off some of that physical energy while keeping your dog mentally stimulated inside the warmth of your home.


Having Difficulty To Eat From Their Bowl?

If your dog is having difficulty eating his/her food from a bowl that is placed on the floor, you can put something like a table, box, or stack of books, or you can buy some tools to ease your dog’s difficulty he is facing bending over.


Having Trouble Getting Inside A Car?

You can use a ramp as it is a great option available nowadays for dogs who are unable to getting into a car or going upstairs or downstairs. You have to reduce the impact of the elevated surface when getting down. So, the ramp an excellent option to avail.


Seeing Physical Or Behavioral Changes?

Changes in your dog’s movement, in their attitude, in their diet, whether or not they’re still playing with the dogs that they used to love to play with can all be early warning signs, so don’t ignore these changes. Take the time to groom your senior dog and pay attention to any new lumps or bumps that you might find. Lots of these can be a harmless sebaceous cyst, but it can also mean that something bigger is going on, and you want to be aware of anything that might be new or has changed since the last time you’ve groomed them.


Physical Assessment For Senior Dogs:

When your dog is about seven or eight years old. It’s a great practice to take them for a yearly wellness exam at your vet. Your vet will give them a physical assessment. They’ll be able to do some blood work, and you’ll be able to have some insight on what’s going on on the inside. It is beneficial to have a blood work baseline so that the next time your dog goes for a wellness exam, you can identify if there are any changes in their blood chemistry, and that will be pretty helpful for your dog. Senior dogs hold a very special place in my heart. And making even just a couple of changes from this article in your senior dog’s life can help them to be happier and healthier well into those later years.


Some Additional Senior Dogs Care Tips:

Dog Can’t Hear:

The next thing that you should do early is, teach them hand signals. You have to teach them hand signals to come, sit, down, leave it, all those types of things. And when your dog can’t hear you anymore, you can manage them with hand signals.


Weight Management:

Weight management is really important for having an old dog. Make sure that you keep them fit and healthy and at an appropriate weight for that dog.


Exercise Level For Senior Dogs:

Exercise is important for your dog, but you know that her body may not be able to handle running around with the younger dogs for such a long period. You have to use your common sense and watch body language. If the dog still trucking along with pretty good energy, then let her go a little longer. And if you see that she’s starting to slow down, there are no hesitations to go and take her back and let her have a nap.

So I think it’s important that when you have an older dog that you do keep them somewhat active, whatever is right for that dog. Because the moment you stop doing stuff with them, and you let them become couch potatoes 24 hours a day, that’s when they get really old. So, you wanna do a little bit with them. Don’t overdo it, that’s very, very important. You also need to know when enough is enough. You know, dogs can’t talk, we have to be able to make those smart decisions for them.


Thanks for reading. If you have a senior dog, let me know in the comments section and do share this information with as many people as possible.

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