Herding dog is also called a stock dog, working dog or a shepherd dog. It is a type of dog that belongs to a breed of dogs that are used for herding or they have been trained accurately for herding.

  • Herding behavior: The herding behavior is usually the modified version of predatory behavior. With the help of selective breeding, the human became able to lessen the natural inclination of the dogs to treat them as cattle and as prey whereas at the same time maintaining hunting skills of the dogs and through this developing a productive and beneficial herding dog.

Dogs can also work for various animals in different ways. For example, a few breeds like the Australian cattle dog usually bite at the heels of other animals and, for this specific reason, these Australian cattle dogs are called the heelers. A distinct breed like Pembroke welsh corgi etc. was used in the same way in cattle droves that were used to move the cattle from one place to the other and, they are also not used in the purpose of herding.

Other different types of breeds usually go in front of animals and, they use their sharp eye to attack the animals; this breed of dogs is called the headers. These headers keep the livestock in groups. They usually go towards the head or go in front of the animals to stop them from moving. 

Heelers are used to keep the movement forward, to work for this purpose; they stay in the end or behind herds.

One other type of breed of dogs called the Australian kelpie used both methods, and this breed also stays at the back of the herd, so these are also called heel or the head. Some of the other types of dogs like the English shepherd are loose eyed, and they work even more independently than all other breeds.

Another breed called the New Zealand huntaway works by using its deep bark to deal with the herds.

There are also some other breeds of dogs that are used to stop the herds from entering different useful crops and eating them and stop them from roaming around randomly on the roads or the streets.

The training of the dogs can be done by testing them and having some herding trials. You can also check them by introducing them to the herds.

Herding dogs as pets: These herding dogs can also be used as pets. Different breeds like the collie are very well known. These are known to be the very best dogs to be used in a family plus they also work very carefully when they are given a job. These are also known as the working dogs, and they need to be active both physically and mentally.

  • These dogs keep their instincts retained and sometimes they nip at different people on their heels to herd their families. They might also bump into the people to keep their family safe from getting attacked, and they also need to be properly trained for this purpose so that they don’t attack the wrong people.
  • These dogs are also excellent athletes because of their intelligence and activity level. Some of the specific breeds are more used for them being a family dog because of how they work. Different breeds are used for various purposes. You should always get a piece of proper knowledge before you adopt a dog because it might be dangerous for you to get the wrong breed.
  • Competitive herding: A competitive sport of the dogs in which the herding dogs usually move the animals around the fences, fields or the gates according to what their handlers teach them are called the sheepdog trial. These dogs are used at different places like the mountains where there are no fences. These dogs are used for the protection of the herds and to keep them safe from any mishap that might happen. They roam around the herds to keep an eye on any danger that might come their way at any time or any place.
  • Foods for the dogs: There are different types of food that you can give to your dogs, but you should always visit a doctor right after buying any dog breed. They should always be kept a check on after being fed so that you know if the food is suitable for them or not. If the dog that you have works all day long, then you should feed him a diet that is rich in protein, and if the dog does not work too much then you can keep him on a low protein diet. If your dog does not work all day long, then giving him a rich protein diet might be harmful to him.

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